Leslie Bocskor

Every new industry has its creation myth, its narrative of how one person saw beyond what was possible, harnessed the chaos, and provided context for those of us who could not see the forest through the trees. In the cannabis industry, that person is Leslie Bocskor, whose emergence from the trenches of investment banking and entrepreneurship into the new terrain of a burgeoning cannabis economy allows him and his firm, Electrum Partners, to be in a position to provide perspective and guidance as to how the dots will be connected as the industry takes shape.

Beloved by policy makers and growers, technologists and scientists, doctors and patients, Bocskor has curated the unrivaled network necessary to shepherd them all into achieving goals and prosperity. Pundit status aside, when he’s not winning over crowds, Bocskor is courting politicians, industry leaders, and investors, who seek out his groundbreaking analysis and insight into the cannabis economy.

Bocskor’s penchant for disruption is subverted by his boisterous charm. His far-reaching banking and entrepreneurial experience and inimitable style are bolstered with his knowledge of any cannabis vertical -- from domestic and international policy to finding your niche investing opportunity, from supercritical extraction to ERP solutions, from seed-to-sale tracking to the cannabidiol (CBD) to the entourage effect of strategic business integration.

At Electrum Partners, Bocskor advises global concerns, businesses, policy makers and nonprofits, using his unique lens and understanding of what is, what will be, and what is needed. His gregarious presence is indispensable everywhere from the International Cannabis Economy Conference in Barcelona to the National Cannabis Industry Association [NCIA] Conference in New York City, to ArcView Conferences around the country, Bocskor has become one of the most influential people in the cannabis space, guiding policy and reform.

Named most valued investor member of the ArcView Investor Group in 2015, and CEO of the year by The Weed Blog, the most highly-trafficked industry trade publication, it fortified his former designation by The Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) as one of the top 100 most influential people in the industry. As founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association, he hopes to create the model for regulation and policy around the world, as Nevada did with gaming.