Investor Due Diligence and Underwriting Best Practices

Panelist: Matthew Nordgren, Eddie Lucarelli, Robert Hunt, and Brian Kabot. Moderator: Scott Greiper

Matthew Nordgren with Arcadian, Eddie Lucarelli with Canopy River, Robert Hunt with Linnaea Holdings, Brian Kabot with Stable Road Capital are moderated by Scott Greiper of Viridian Capital Advisors

The panel will be discussing the unique challenges for investors when performing due diligence on cannabis companies. The key factors that investor diligence should focus on (operating, management, financial, legal, regulatory). The unique and additional regulatory requirements that FINRA licensed investment banks face in acting as Placement Agent or Underwriter for cannabis companies. How the SEC and FINRA view and interact with the cannabis marketplace. How the cannabis capital markets have evolved over the last five years and how will it change going forward, and why much of the institutional sell-side and buy-side universe is still on the sidelines... and when that will change.

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