Jeffrey Maser - Speaker at MjMicro Beverly Hills

Jeffrey Maser

Founder and CEO, Tinley Beverage Co

Jeff’s vision for Tinley, from founding through today, has been to build an early-mover, premium brand owner and co-manufacturing company in the emerging cannabis beverage sector. Previously, Jeff spent a decade in venture capital, merchant and investment banking, focusing on emerging industries including cannabis, health foods and technology. He drove growth from inception to $500 million as a founding member of an IPTV start up, and has financed several medical cannabis companies throughout North America.

The Tinley Beverage Company combines Jeff’s company-building, investment and management track record with beverage brand creation via his experience at the Watt Design Group, the second-largest food and beverage branding firm in North America, then owned by Cott Corporation, the world’s largest cola company after Coke and Pepsi.